June 1, 2023

Logan Paul is flying to Chicago to have $3.5million worth of Pokemon cards checked for authenticity after a fan site claimed they were fake.

Logan Paul fears spent $3.5m on fake Pokemon cards

The YouTube star has continued to collect the cards and unveil them on his podcast which currently has over 3.5m subscribers on the streaming platform.

Several Pokemon experts later questioned whether the cards were real after his huge outlay, despite the collection previously being verified by card authentication company BBCE.

Paul has now issued an update as he plans to fly to the company’s HQ, tweeting: “Update on this: I’m flying to Chicago this weekend to verify the case with BBCE, the company who insured its authenticity. to be continued…”

Pokemon cards have been a craze for several years now and date back to 1996 when they were first created with the collectible items run alongside the successful TV series and video-game franchise.
YouTube star Paul has leapt into several ventures since his rise to fame began, including taking to the boxing ring.
He fought YouTube rival KSI twice in 2018 and 2019, generating huge revenue due to their popularity and the pay-per-view sales surrounding the events.

Paul has since featured in videos with his rival, burying the hatchet while also announcing the creation of a new energy drink company called “Prime”.
A historic boxing exhibition with Floyd Mayweather followed this year which generated huge sums with Pauly earning over £15m after pay-per-view sales.

Before the fight he entered the ring with a £10,000 Pokemon card attached to his neck in a bid to bring him good luck.

Now he has taken a step back from his main YouTube channel in a bid to continue the success of his podcast.

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The 26-year-old admitted he was fed up of his content being “demonetised” and wanted to have fun with his career instead.
“Demonetisation, being blacklisted, being shadow-banned, it’s really demotivating,” Paul explained in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“When you are yourself, the platform that you’re on, because of the advertisers, because of public sentiment, whatever it is, no longer wants to support you.”

Paul has not ruled out a return to the ring after the success of his last exhibition with Mayweather but a reported exhibition with heavyweight legend Mike Tyson has yet to materialse.

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>> Logan Paul fears spent $3.5m on fake Pokemon cards

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