What makes Chanel Coco Crush jewellery so coveted?

Elegant yet razor-sharp in essence, the incisions that crisscross the curved surface of each precious object under the Coco Crush line became the talk of the town the minute they were introduced in 2015.

The diamond pattern pays tribute to the house’s matriarch and her story as it evokes the quilted concept that has been a staple at Chanel since 1955.

The spirit of Gabrielle Chanel, who first borrowed the graphic emblem from the equestrian world to mastermind her now- iconic 2.55 handbag, reverberates across all Coco Crush creations as they combine strength with delicacy, simplicity with density, and tenderness with rigour. These character traits are similarly captured in the latest additions to the collection.

Just take the new Coco Crush hoops as an example. Carrying the tradition forward, the earrings marry the criss-cross design with the brand’s recognisable initials. The minimalist pendant necklace adopts the same idea but is further elevated by a movable motif and a dazzling diamond on the chain. Both of these novelties are available in beige gold, yellow gold or white gold.

To ensure the pieces are of the highest quality, Chanel Fine Jewelery Creation Studio has made it imperative for them to be hand-polished and set to reflect the light to perfection.

This design detail, along with the gadroons or rounded contours that define the collection, allows each Coco Crush piece to add a sensorial quality to the quilted logo Chanel Rug.

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