What Are Sneaker Bots? Can They Help You Win Sneaker Raffles ?

Sick of being beaten to new kicks? Bored of ridiculous prices? A sneaker bot could swing the balance back to you.
Are you a sneakerhead waiting for the next big release? When it comes to sneaker releases, it’s best to stay on your toes. That way, you’ll increase the chances of getting your hands on your favorite sneakers.

Whether you want sneakers for your personal collection or reselling, finding surefire methods to buy the most hype sneakers will make things much easier.

In that, you might have heard about bots and wondered if you could use a sneaker bot to get your feet on the latest release. This article will explain what sneaker bots are and whether or not they can help you win sneaker raffles.

What Are Sneaker Bots?
These days, buying high-end or limited-release sneakers manually are frustrating, especially when you’re competing against bots used by resellers. Sneaker bots are software designed to help you purchase sneakers in limited supply. In layman’s terms, sneaker bots are used to bypass queues.
Sneaker bots automatically complete the checkout process on your behalf. The bot uses a proxy to make multiple purchases online, increasing your chances on hundreds of retail websites. You can spend anywhere between $20 to thousands of dollars, depending on what you want.

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Sneaker brands such as Nike, Footlocker, and Adidas release limited edition shoes on set release dates. Because these sneakers are in high demand, they often sell out very quickly. In light of the hype surrounding limited release sneakers, sneaker resellers have created a black market where they buy shoes in bulk to resell on other platforms such as social media and other fashion websites.

While sneaker bots sound complicated, bots are manageable with the right guidance from other sneakerheads and a suitable budget. But, it is important to make sure you are careful. Bots are effective, but some brands go the extra mile to filter out bots when overseeing sneaker entries. Cactus Jack has previously removed three million bot entries for a sneaker draw.
Bots Alone Are Not Enough
To be most effective, you’ll need more than just a bot. You will need proxies, servers, and a cook group. Which, depending on your goals, could make a dent in your pocket.

Sneaker Proxies
Sneaker proxies help enhance the performance of your bot. Proxies use IP addresses to help you mask yourself online. These addresses make you appear as if you are more than one person. This makes it possible for you to buy more than one item or increase the chances of buying an item.

You need proxies because you will get banned if you attempt to buy a hyped sneaker multiple times. After all, the website has already identified your unique IP address. So, sneaker proxies allow you to disguise as multiple profiles.
What Is a Cook Group?
In sneaker slang, to cook means to buy, so essentially a cook group is a group that gives you a one-up when it comes to buying sneakers. Cook groups typically charge a subscription fee and operate on platforms like Discord and Slack.

Cook groups provide a lot of useful information on how to succeed in the sneaker market. You can stay in the loop on details such as release sites, sneaker bots, early links, reselling platforms, proxy services, and much more. You could even come across people who are willing to sell their bots and help you get started.

Sneaker cook groups are especially beneficial for people who are looking to resell. Sneaker cook groups vary in cost. If you’re lucky, you could join one for free. However, if you don’t want to sell sneakers and merely want to add to your shoe collection, you must consider the cost of cook group subscriptions and whether the investment is worth it.

Sneaker Botting Is Just Another Form of Scalping
But it does help to level the playing field in some cases.

Botting has proven to be effective in securing the most in-demand sneakers. However, before you opt for botting, you need to consider whether it is worth it if you’re just a regular buyer.

Now, you might ask yourself if botting is the same as scalping. In essence, sneaker botting is just another form of scalping. However, while scalping might be viewed negatively, the sneaker resale market is worth billions and has created a movement that encourages entrepreneurship amongst sneakerheads.

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