May 26, 2023

Veterans and military are invited to join the annual Military Warriors Veterans Day Run to School. Military also sought to ride in the battle cruisers.

Veterans and military will meet at Heritage Park in Manteno at 7:20 a.m. on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, dressed in battle gear and carrying flags and run about an eleven minute pace to the three Manteno schools to greet runners.

The run continues downtown and finishes at Heritage Park for a total of four miles. Runners will be escorted by the Manteno Police, Jojo Sayson and his battle cruiser with mounted 50 cal, Mike Cochran and his military hummer, Sean McNamara on his Harley, Jason Lingo in his battle cruiser and a few other vehicles.

In prior years, SSGT Sieracki from the Marines and about 10 of his “poolees” join and call out motivational cadences. This year SSGT Poindexter from the Army has been invited with his recruits. The veterans who don’t run, ride along in one of the vehicles and the runners can take a breather in them, too.

“Our goal is to remind students of Veterans Day, instill some pride in their country and let them feel they are a part of it,” event organizer and United States Navy veteran Dan Gerber wrote on the event’s Facebook page.

Sign up for the race by emailing Gerber at [email protected].

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