June 1, 2023

There are countless anime and manga series out there that have become the totem text of their industry, and this is especially true of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is one of the biggest series of all time, and even those who are completely ignorant of manga and anime can still be familiar with Dragon Ball’s characters and franchise variations to some extent. there. Toriyama’s iconic shonen series stays true to its core, but it’s a series that has steadily grown in scope and increasingly impressive demonstrations of power.

Dragon Ball is the dominant property in any industry it tackles, but it’s most commonly known as an animated series. The Dragon Ball anime wouldn’t be complete without Akira Toriyama’s original manga series, but there’s also a full-color version of the long-running action story that’s largely unknown to the die-hard fan base.

TOP 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Full-Color Manga

There is a slightly modified ending

Dragon Ball Z’s grand finale is still controversial for a large section of fans, and Dragon Ball Super even existed entirely in the time period that preceded this conclusion as a way to avoid the consequences. its. The ending featured in Dragon Ball Z’s full-color manga does not differ from the original ending in terms of plot, but three additional pages are provided that were previously only available in the “kanzenban” complete release. This modified finale still features Goku and Uub flying away together, but this time he summons the Flying Nimbus to Uub and continues passing the torch to him. There’s also an extra line from Vegeta where he swears he’ll still beat Goku at some point.

They are divided into main stories Saga

There is so much content to use in Dragon Ball, and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to succinctly divide the different stories of the series. The full-color manga re-release for Dragon Ball benefits from the final realization of the completed series. This means that manga can split volumes in a way that creates stronger thematic resonance between chapters. The original manga may not fit its division, while the full-color manga only features six separate sagas – Dragon Ball’s “Boyhood Arc” and Demon King Piccolo Arc, followed by Dragon Ball Z’s Saiyan, Frieza , Cell and Buu Sagas.

The same treatment has continued with Dragon Ball Super

The massive effort made with Dragon Ball’s full-color manga re-release has fans extremely pleased, but it leaves many of them worried about the color content even more. It took a while, but Dragon Ball Super has started its own manga series that transcends the events of the anime series. The Dragon Ball Super manga started out in black and white, but the success of the Dragon Ball color re-release has led to a gradual similar treatment to the Dragon Ball Super manga. Fans are grateful to experience these new stories in full color, but this style of presentation also adds symmetry to the complete series.

It doesn’t add fillers or any anime-only materials to connect the dots

The original story that Akira Toriyama told in the first Dragon Ball manga was very consistent, but it had minor plot holes and inconsistent material. There have been minor revisions to Dragon Ball’s story over the years, whether it’s through anime-only side material or the condensed Dragon Ball Z Kai released later.

The full-color re-release of the Dragon Ball manga would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate extra material and connect the points between the manga and the anime. The full-color manga avoids this temptation and focuses entirely on aesthetic changes.

The cover contains new artwork by Akira Toriyama

The kinetic action in the Dragon Ball anime is hard to deny, but Toriyama’s original artwork in the manga is powerful in its own right and he can easily convey movement through the powerful static panels. . The manga’s full-color re-releases don’t modify Toriyama’s artwork or allow him to recreate old artwork that displeased him, but they do feature new colors that stand out as the The perfect mix of old and new. These new volume covers focus on the most important characters in their respective storylines, but their background is Dragon Ball’s iconic moments that reflect the strong legacy of the series.

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