TOP 5 the best Pokemon games ranked from worst to best

Ranking the best Pokemon games is a recipe for trouble. Does your list focus solely on the core series, the eight generations of Pokemon games that have appeared on Nintendo’s handheld consoles over the course of four decades? Or does it expand into some of its great spin-offs, such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu? As for the 1998 Pokemon Trading Card Game on the original Gameboy, is there any room for that?

After much deliberation, we’ve resolved the issue in the past, sticking only with the core series that started with Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996, and most recently with Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out in 2019. Now we’re headed towards Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, however, in the meantime, here are the best Pokemon games available ranked from worst to best.

TOP 5 the best Pokemon games ranked from worst to best

1. Pokemon Gold and Silver

After Pokemon Red and Blue sent the world crazy for Pokemon, the sequel had some big shoes to fill. Fans everywhere were eager to know more, and thankfully Silver and Gold delivered that in the best way possible. Bigger and better than before, the second generation introduced 100 stellar and memorable additions to the Pokemon library, along with two new Pokemon types and a host of new moves. It brings some cool new features that have changed the game in exciting new ways. The introduction of day and night cycles added time-specific challenges and brought in certain Pokemon that can only be caught at certain times of the day. Silver and Gold still has all the highlights that made the first games so enjoyable, but it has broadened the experience to solidify itself as a super Pokemon game. And better yet, by the end of the game you can unlock the Kanto region from Red and Blue, allowing you to revisit all the gyms and trainers. Silver and Gold was a huge leap forward for the franchise, and it hasn’t been any different since then.

2. Pokemon Red and Blue

Back to where it all started, Pokemon Red and Blue put us on a path to being the best, like never before, and we haven’t looked back since. The Kanto World still feels as magical as it once did, and the original 151 Pokemon are among the most memorable Pokemon in franchise history thanks to their amazing designs. Who could forget the classic starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander? The first games captured our imaginations and made us wish with every fiber that we could actually become real-world coaches. Thankfully, Pokemon Go has brought us closer than ever to realizing that dream, but you still can’t beat the classic Pokemon experience. The Gameboy graphics have a nostalgic charm that you don’t get in later entries, and it’s still very playable to this day, which is a testament to how good it is. While it made up the series that we all know and love, it didn’t quite capture the top spot.

The fun Pikachu version of the yellow Pokemon – which has enhanced the classic games with everyone’s favorite electric mouse – is just icing on the cake.

3. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

While many of the formulas remain unchanged, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire catapulted the series into a sprawling world on the GameBoy Advance. Pokemon appear from the screen like never before, and the magical launch screen is hard to forget. It was also the first Pokemon game to introduce a lot of elements and features that continued throughout the series. 2v2 duels made their debut, and Pokemon were also said to have different Natures, which affected their overall stats. An extensive list of new abilities is also introduced for the first time in this entry, dedicated to different types – this really adds more depth to the battles compared to previous games. Competitions are also included to add new challenges to the gameplay. The Hoenn region is a fantastic setting, and the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre – who can summon a specific weather element into battle – are memorable. Since Ruby and Sapphire builds on what Silver and Gold have established without moving in any drastic new directions, it doesn’t feel particularly special.

A few years after its release in 2003, an updated version followed in the form of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

4. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the most anticipated games of 2019 and with good reason. As the first entry in the core Pokemon series to land on Nintendo’s hybrid console, Sword and Shield opened us up to the world of Pokemon like never before. The Galar Area was made to have an interesting UK-based setting, and it’s easy to spend a few hours in its vast Wild Area catching all the Pokemon roaming around and exploring everything it does. provided. The Galarian form designs also fit in with UK aspects, and connecting with all creatures using the new camp feature is a welcome touch. In our review, we called it “the Pokemon game for the next generation,” thanks to some of the more accessible features it introduces, allowing new players to easily access the recipe they’re after. I know and love. While it’s easier to tap than other entries in the series, Sword and Shield offers a wonderfully memorable experience with its colorful cast of characters and Pokemon. And it’s easily the best looking Pokemon game to date.

5. Pokemon X and Y 

Pokemon X and Y bring Pokemon into the 3D world on the Nintendo 3DS and let us experience its universe like never before. It’s a significant change from other titles that preceded it, and it feels like it really marks the beginning of a new era for the long-running series. The captivating pieces of yesteryear have turned into stunning handheld 3D models, taking battle scenes to the next level. The Pokemon-Amie system was also introduced for the first time, allowing you to interact with your Pokemon companions and form relationships with them. It’s the ultimate welcome touch that lets you pet and play with your favorite battle buddies. X and Y also bring more customization, allowing you to change the look and style of your trainer. While it’s only aesthetically pleasing, it adds to the immersive element of the experience in a fun way. X and Y pushed the series forward and laid the groundwork for what was to come in the Sun and Moon. It also introduces more exciting Pokemon, including the addition of the fairy type, as well as new social features. While it’s not quite as good as some of the games before it, it’s one of the best looking entries in the franchise to date and will always be notable when it comes to moving the main Pokemon series into the 3D realm.

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