TOP 10 Strongest Water-Type Pokemon P.1

Water is one of the most common types in Pokémon. Some Water-Type Pocket Monsters have only this typing and can be very powerful in battle.

Water abounds in the Pokémon world, and many Water-type creatures exist in this world. Much of this population also has a second typing, but some Pocket Monsters have only one, making up these Pure Water patterns. They range from unimpressive to strong. One way to measure a Pokémon’s viability is through how it performs in the main games of the series. contains stats, abilities, moves, etc. of this Pokémon, which helps when assessing their strength.

TOP 5 Strongest Water-Type Pokemon

1. Vaporeon

Vaporeon, one of the original Eeveelutions, is often cast aside in favor of more powerful Waters, many of which have a dual knock. While it is certainly not the strongest in its category, it does have a number of stats that allow it to be capable of combat. Its highest stat is HP, which makes it able to deal with a variety of attacks. It doesn’t have a great Defense, but its Special Defense is relatively high. Therefore, it works well against Special attackers but not well against Physical attackers. However, given the chance, it can be quite powerful with a high Special Attack stat.

2. Feraligatr

Feraligatr is in a complicated position. Its speed is unimpressive, making it impossible to move against many opponents. However, its defense stats are quite decent and allow it to withstand a strong amount of damage. Its attacks are good, but it doesn’t learn any Physical Water moves until high level, limiting its Water potential to Special moves that use the Special Attack stat less impressive. However, it learns Physical moves from several other types, using its sizable attack. Feraligatr is a Pokémon worthy of Mega Evolution along with the other Johto starters. If it gets one, it will be much stronger.

3. Samurott

Samurott is in the same position as Feraligatr with Speed and Defense stats. However, both are lower than Feraligatr. However, there are several reasons why Samurott is stronger. Its Attack and Special Attack have similar values, allowing it to access both categories with consistent power levels. It also learns Physical Water moves at a lower level than Feraligatr. Because of this, Samurott has more abilities in a game. On the other hand, it is not the one who excels in any field.

4. Inteleon

Of the three who started Generation VIII, Inteleon is perhaps the most divisive. Many players don’t like the human-like design or the concept behind it. Regardless of this, Inteleon can be powerful. Its Defense and Special Defense are secondary, so Inteleon relies on attacking before its opponent can. It has a very high Speed stat and a large Special Attack stat.

Once evolved, Inteleon can learn its signature move, Snipe Shot, which is quite powerful and uses the Special Attack stat. However, it will run into problems if it doesn’t take down an opponent in one hit, which can be a liability for bulky enemies.

5. Politoed

Although its total base stats are a bit lower than that of other Water starters, Politoed can be stronger. However, it must have a hidden Ability Drizzle. This causes rain to fall on the battlefield, boosting the power of water to move considerably. In its base form, Politoed’s attack stats are good but not great. However, with the rain, it is unbelievable. Its speed isn’t amazing, but its Defense, Special Defense, and HP allow it to take a fair amount of damage. Many of its powerful moves are only available through Engineering Machines (TM) and Technical Profiles (TR), which may be limited. However, if trainers find these items, Politoed could be very likely.

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