June 9, 2023

Dragon Ball has brought fans a lot of attractive characters, but who is the most famous and loved character of this series? To find the answer to this question, Viz Media conducted a survey and the results were quite surprising. Protagonist Goku is not the most famous face of Dragon Ball .

TOP 10 most famous characters of Dragon Ball


Prince Saiyan Vegeta has become Dragon Ball’s most beloved character because he is becoming what he has been craving since the beginning of the story of the God of Destruction. But maybe as the manga continues to evolve, fans will see this list change if Goku reaches a new level of power.


It’s no surprise that Goku is one of the fan-favorite Dragon Ball characters. The audience has witnessed the development of Mr. Monkey from an infant until he became a seasoned warrior possessing the power of a god. However, Goku still falls into predictable patterns and has a slightly naive personality, though his positive energy is hard to deny.


Gohan is an interesting character, but a bit annoying. From the start, it was clear that Gohan had incredible potential and the series evolved with the idea of ​​Goku’s eldest son becoming the main character after surpassing Goku in strength. Unfortunately, after surpassing his father, Gohan does little or nothing with this new responsibility.

Black Goku

No one expected that the help Future Trunks asked for was facing Goku. Black Goku appeared in the Future Truck timeline and brought humanity to near extinction during that time.

The appearance of Black Goku is one of the most remembered by all fans of the series, making him one of the favorite characters for fulfilling the latent desires of many fans. Seven Dragon Balls, it is to be seen the “evil side” of Goku.

Future Trunks

Future Trunks brings the concept of time travel and Cell’s threat to the world of Dragon Ball. His sword and fighting style is one of the most exciting moments in Dragon Ball Super. Future Trunks is a strong ally of warrior group Z and also helps Vegeta change a lot.


Beerus is the god of destruction in the seventh of the 12 universes in Dragon Ball. Beerus’ mission is to destroy planets to maintain balance in the universe. The power of this god of destruction exceeds that of all Dragon Ball characters, including the most powerful bosses like Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu. He is powerful enough to blow up the Earth, destroy the Solar System or even wipe out the entire galaxy. The impressive battle between Beerus and Goku still makes fans remember forever.


When Whis was first released, many fans were surprised to learn that he was stronger than Beerus, even more shocked when he easily defeated him with just one hit. After the concept of Angels and Gods of Destruction was introduced into Dragon Ball Super, Whis has automatically become one of the fan favorite characters. He not only acts as Beerus’ teacher, but also Goku and Vegeta, making them stronger.

Android 17

Despite being “reformed” into a robot, Android 17 still retains a human sense of autonomy, he hates being controlled by others, so he took advantage of the opportunity to kill Dr. Gero. At the end of the Dragon Ball version, Number 17 “reformed” and contributed energy for Goku to create the Orb of Contempt to destroy Kid Buu. Even later Android 17 became one of the most important characters at the end of the Dragon Ball Super arc Tournament of Power.


As the ultimate villain, the ultimate villain in the Dragon Ball series, Frieza is a brutal villain in search of the Dragon Balls. With the ability to self-regenerate, heal wounds, Frieza travels across the galaxy hunting dragon balls, possessing planets, spreading disaster everywhere. After many years, Frieza is the villain with a large fan base of Dragon Ball.


Krillin is a very valuable member of the “Dragon Ball” family and an ally of Goku since the beginning of the series. Krillin hasn’t experienced the exponential growth rate of Goku, but he’s still a very strong young man. Although the strength is only in the mid-range, fortunately Krillin has plenty of it. The proof is that despite many encounters with many too strong opponents, the surrounding friends all died, but Krillin still survived.

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