September 25, 2023

Ash’s skills as a Trainer have increased dramatically since he first began his journey, and that’s because of the battles he’s fought with his fellow Pokémon. me. Out of his many fights, a few stand out as the best in the anime. These matches showcase the best aspects of the franchise: brilliant animations and non-stop action.

TOP 10 Best Battles In The Pokemon Anime

Ash Vs. Korrina – “Reunion Festival!”

Korrina is no match for Ash, but the show treats her that way whenever the two paths cross. After their encounter in Kalos, Ash met her again in the World Series, when the two faced each other in battle to advance to Great Class.

Pokemon - Korrina's Lucario

Ash takes the lead with Gengar, but Korrina’s Lucario easily overpowers it. He then sends his powerful forged Legendary Pokémon, Dragonite, who easily defeats Korrina’s Mienshao. In the end, her Mega Lucario goes up against his Dragonite, and the adorable orange dragon declares victory. It was an intense yet entertaining battle with the return of Mega Evolution and providing the perfect introduction to Ash’s Dragonite.

2. Ash Vs. Lieutenant Surge – “Electric Shock”

Ash’s journey across Kanto is full of ups and downs. The anime has shown very well his inexperience in Pokémon battles, which makes him overly dependent on his Pikachu. Ash learned a valuable lesson in the face of ruthless Lieutenant Surge, the Leader of Vermilion City’s Electric Gym.

Surge’s main Pokémon is Raichu, and the two easily defeat Ash and Pikachu in their first battle. Pikachu had difficulty in the rematch, but the golden mouse was still determined to win. The encounter is action-packed and features an unforgettable moment when Raichu uses his electricity to destroy the Gym’s lights and windows. Finally, Pikachu appeared at the top, causing every fan to cheer along with the mouse and its Trainer.

3. Ash Vs. Harrison – “Play with Fire!”

Harrison is a recurring character in the Johto series. He is an older and more experienced Trainer from Hoenn who has acted as a mentor to Ash. The two shared a friendly rivalry leading up to their match at the Silver Conference.

The battle is fairly even and features Ash’s Bayleef defeating Harrison’s Houndoom, providing a much-needed moment for the underrated Starter. The match is also significant as it is the debut of Blaziken, one of the best Fire Starters in Pokémon. Blaziken lived up to his reputation and defeated Ash’s strongest Pokémon, Charizard, after a grueling battle. It was an intense and unforgettable battle, and even though Ash lost, fans were still proud of him and his team.

4. Ash Vs. Clemont – “The Moment of Truth Shines!”

Clemont is one of Ash’s smartest companions, a sweet and somewhat clumsy boy who is easily embarrassed. He also has some confidence issues and audiences will see him deal with them throughout season X&Y.

As the Gym Leader of Lumiuose City, Clemont battles Ash in a three-on-three encounter. The most memorable moment comes when Clemont’s Luxray confronts Ash’s Goodra. However, despite a stellar performance, Luxray was no match for Ash’s Pseudo-Legendary. The battle served as a breakthrough moment for Clemont, who finally gained confidence in his abilities. It’s also one of Goodra’s best moments in the anime, making it all the more special.

5. Ash Vs. Kukui – “From Z To Shining Z!”

Ash’s exhibition match with Professor Kukui in the Alola Alliance is one of Pokémon’s longest and most rule-breaking battles. It takes place over a whopping five episodes and features Ash and the Professor pulling every trick out of their pockets to win.

Near the end, the legendary Pokémon Tapu Koko joins Kukui to fight Ash. The young trainer brings out his Ultra Beast, the Neganadel, and the battle reaches new and epic heights. However, fans gasped when Neganadel fell, forcing Ash to send in his final Pokémon, Pikachu. Seeing the franchise’s mascot take a Legendary Pokémon isn’t uncommon, but this one is especially remarkable. Pikachu must use everything it has learned up to that point, and when it declares victory, it feels earned.

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