May 26, 2023

Since its debut at retail through retailer Union Los Angeles, the ACG Air Moc 3.5 has spread far and wide with options that fit the “Made On Earth” heart and soul.

Whereas previous ACG Air Moc 3.5 releases saw patterns of rocky ranges, groovy tie-dye, and even spotted cheetah-like prints, this upcoming release of the lace-less, slip-on shoe sees a wallpaper covered in bugs such as spiders, butterflies, beetles, and more. These extraordinary critters are colored in a yellow ochre, while the nylon base and toe-cap is covered in a thunder blue shade. The midsole stays a clean white above a rubber toe and heel with Nike Sneaker Grind.

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This latest Sneaker Rug ACG Air Moc 3.5 SE is expected to arrive on and select boutiques this Fall 2022 season.

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