June 5, 2023

Shock both friends and foes with this easy new rebooting hack.

Rebooting teammates is a huge part of Fortnite; for some of us more than others! Whether you clutch up an off-spawn fight or grab the card and dip, this lifeline can make or break a match.

Since it was first added in Chapter 1 Season 8, the rebooting system has undergone plenty of changes. Right now it’s super quick if multiple people interact with the van at the same time, but that’s not always an option.

Going for a solo reboot takes what feels like an age. With the loud sound effects and long-range visual audio cues, there’s a good chance you get pushed by a nearby opponent.

How many times have you been a millisecond away from bringing back your buddy and heard the thud of enemy footsteps? With a no build zone around the Reboot Van, you’re basically a sitting duck!

In Fortnite Bedding Set Season 3 though, there seems to be a solution – at least for now. Competitive player and streamer “OmG Me II” stumbled upon a new trick that allows you to reboot while moving.

It’s very simple. If you start rebooting while riding a boar, it won’t cancel when the boar moves. Just be sure to stay close enough to the van.

This is a great way to make yourself a harder target to shoot and could buy you those vital extra couple of seconds needed to complete the reboot.

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Boars are currently still in Arena, so this works in competitive too. In standard playlists you may also be able to pull it off using a wolf instead.

Epic probably didn’t intend for this to be possible, so don’t be surprised if it gets patched in next week’s update. For now though, remember to take an animal with you whenever you need to reboot.

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