The reason Warriors can win a title without Kevin Durant, per Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors’ run of dominance with Kevin Durant has adversely affected them after Durant left in free agency. Not only did the Warriors lose one of the game’s best players but the shadow of Durant still looms. The Warriors aren’t just out to win the title to extend their dynasty, they’re trying to show that they can still win a championship without Durant.
Draymond Green clashed with Durant on a few occasions while they were teammates and seemingly has some responsibility for the rift between the team and its former star. He said that losing Durant was “a very big deal” and that the desire to prove the Dubs can win without him is very real.

“It’s a very big deal losing Kevin Durant,” Green says. “And now you want to prove to yourself that you can do it without him again. We still have one of the — if not the — most dominant player in the game, some experienced guys and an organization who know how to get there, and a group of guys who have never been there but are thirsty. That’s where we are.”

Although the Warriors won a title before Durant arrived in the bay, Durant winning back-to-back Finals MVP awards gives off the impression that he was the reason that Golden State won the championship as convincingly as they did in 2017 and 2018.

This season, the Warriors are dominating the regular season like it’s 2016 again. That “most dominant player in the game” Green was referring to, Stephen Curry, is having a monster season. With Klay Thompson coming back very soon, Golden State is in great shape to compete for a title. Durant and his Brooklyn Nets may end up being in their way when the season winds down.

>> The reason Warriors can win a title without Kevin Durant, per Draymond Green

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