June 1, 2023

Earlier this week, a YouTuber and coder by the name of Dragon shared a new Pokémon project they had been working on. It’s a Pokémon first-person shooter (yep, for real) powered by Unreal Engine, and in it, you must ah…shoot pocket monsters, instead of catching them.

Many were already wondering how long it would take before legal ninjas showed up on the scene, and it’s now been discovered that the YouTube videos of this game (uploaded by the creator) have been copyright claimed by The Pokémon Company International.
The creator previously mentioned how the project was still in development, and while work on it presumably continues, it seems there might be some difficulties uploading videos to YouTube from here on out. In saying this, you can still find video footage elsewhere online. Dragon also believes “Nintendo hitman” would strike fast, if the game was ever released to the public.

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If you’re keen to shoot some ‘Mon, you could always try out the photography game, New Pokémon Snap. There’s also the creature shooter, Palworld – en route to Steam this year. Are you at all surprised to see TPC take action against these videos? Leave a comment down below.

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