June 1, 2023

With the Pokemon series rapidly approaching 1,000 Pokemon, it’s becoming more difficult to narrow down which ones to have on your team. Whether you’re a trainer that wants a team based on aesthetic choices or you want the most powerful Pokemon, there’s plenty to choose from that would suit your needs.
The first step is to choose what theme you want for your Pokemon team and some players choose based on their favorite animals. The internet as of lately has fallen in love with frogs, yet in the Pokemon world, they seem deeply underappreciated. Regardless, we think that after reading more about our favorite frog Pokemon, you’ll love them as much as we do.
When you think of a frog Pokemon, you probably wouldn’t think of an electric-type Pokemon, yet Toxtricity still fits that froggy look with its wide jaw, droopy eyes, and round fingers. It’s not fully based on a frog, and probably takes inspiration from different species of lizards, so we don’t think it’s the ultimate frog Pokemon essential for a frog fan. However, there still are benefits to having Toxtricity on your team.

If you’re collecting frog Pokemon, most of them are going to be water types. It’s usually a smart idea to vary the types in your Pokemon and the variety in your types can be refreshing. Toxtricity is the only electric type frog-like Pokemon.

Although Seismitoad may not be the sweetest looking frog Pokemon, it’s easy to see how its design was inspired by real frogs. To be more accurate, it’s technically a toad – judging both by its name and by the warts all over its body, a key element in its design.

Through every generation of Pokemon, the Pokedex entry for Seismitoad mentions warts. It uses the warts on its fists to dish out powerful punches. Funny enough, its latest entry in Pokemon Sword and Shield also suggests it has a gentler side and uses those warts to give a vibrating massage to people.

Croagunk is a frog Pokemon with an eye-catching color palette and a unique feature to its design. It has bright orange sacs on its face that resemble the “vocal sacs” on an actual frog: the part that helps them ribbit. Unlike an actual frog, they contain something rather sinister.

The sacs on its face hold poison and it’s clear to see how this Pokemon was inspired by poisonous frogs. If you want a good poison-type frog on your Pokemon team, then Croagunk is a great choice. It only gets better and stronger when it evolves too.

When you think of frogs, you think of lily pads and Lotad’s design could not be any more on-the-nose for a frog-inspired Pokemon. It has a blue and green color palette to match any wet or swampy environments and a big green lily pad that will help it blend into the other plant life of a pond.

Lotad would be perfect for any Pokemon trainer building a water-type team. Its design is cute and appealing to those whose favorite animal is a frog, but it’s also strategically helpful to win a Pokemon battle. Having a water Pokemon that is also a grass type would be very beneficial.

Toxicroak is one of the deadliest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, and it’s certainly the most deadly of the frog Pokemon. In Pokemon Diamond, its Pokedex entry says: “Its knuckle claws secrete a toxin so vile that even a scratch could prove fatal.” In fact, all of its Pokedex entries mention how toxic it is, which emphasizes how deadly it can be.

Toxicroak would be essential to any Pokemon trainer that wants to intimidate their opponents. Even if your opponent wasn’t aware of how poisonous Toxicroak can be, it has other elements to its design that warn others to stay away. Toxicroak battles with giant daggers on its hands.

With a name that has “ninja” in the title, you’d expect this Pokemon to be quick on its feet. Greninja has a high-speed stat. Expert Pokemon trainers love Greninja because, with the right moves, it can be a powerful addition to any Pokemon team.

Greninja doesn’t have the most “realistic” frog design of the frog Pokemon, considering we have never seen a bi-pedal ninja frog in person. Its design however is so creative and original that fans fell in love with it. We recommend catching one if you’re trying to catch all the frog Pokemon. Only then can you fully understand the hype behind Greninja yourself.

Froakie was already popular before its evolution designs were released to the public, and even before anyone used Froakie in battle. Its tiny, cute design and blue color palette are perfect for a frog Pokemon that lives in lakes and ponds. We can understand why it skyrocketed in popularity.

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Poliwhirl’s entire evolution line is so interesting because it mimics how frogs transform from a tiny tadpole to a fully grown frog through various stages of life. Poliwhirl’s design is so simple that it is still iconic even though it came out back in generation one.

Poliwhirl’s design in the world of Pokemon is extremely cute, but if you compare it to its real-world inspiration it’s a bit strange. It is believed that Poliwhirl’s swirl pattern is based on a species of transparent tadpoles and frogs. These frogs have such transparent skin you can see their intestines through their body. This fact makes Poliwhirl almost creepy, but its big round eyes and round face still make us love it.

Pokemon first came out way back in 1996. If any Pokemon from decades ago can still stand up as a fan favorite against hundreds of new Pokemon designs, you just know it’s good. Bulbasaur remains a favorite to many. In recent months, the internet was shocked when it realized Bulbasaur is a frog.

Bulbasaur is a dinosaur-like creature that’s obviously based on a plant bulb. It isn’t as apparent at first glance, but it also takes inspiration from frogs. Through its evolutionary line, it becomes more increasingly obvious. The evolution designs look more toad-like.

If you asked almost anyone what they think of when they picture a frog, they’d probably describe something like Politoed. Politoed is the classic adorable green frog design. Surprisingly, Politoed is not a popular Pokemon, and we feel it deserves more attention.

Most players who catch a Poliwag end up evolving it into a Poliwrath. While Poliwrath is still a great Pokemon, many would argue that Politoed statistically is the better Pokemon for battle in addition to being absolutely adorable. Politoed is weaker to fewer types in comparison to Poliwrath, so it can help build up your defenses on your Pokemon team.

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