June 4, 2023

How much silk can you squeeze from a spider? That’s the question Sony wants to know, and they are going to find out this Labor Day weekend. The studio announced on Friday that an expanded version of the runaway smash superhero picture Spider-Man: No Way Home, originally released last December, will head back to theaters at the close of the summer.

“You wanted more Spidey and you got it!” read the film’s official Twitter account, with not one, not two, but three spider emojis. As such, all the Spider-Men, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield appeared in a little video. They each introduced themselves as Spider-Man, and then there was a cut to a moment in the film where Garfield says “we should do this again.” Get it?

Afterwards, a title card announced Spiderman Bedding Set: No Way Home—The More Fun Stuff Version, with the date September 2. (Perfect back-to-school activity!)

What, exactly, is the “more fun stuff,” you ask? Well, this remains to be seen, but The Hollywood Reporter wrote that “viewers can look forward to added and extended scenes not part of the original version that debuted back on Dec. 17.”

The film, which is the third highest-grossing movie of all time in North America and the sixth in the world, could potentially crawl a little higher in the record books with the re-release. It only needs $54 million to surpass Avengers: Endgame and claim the number two spot domestically. A daunting task for some, but not your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

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A change in the worldwide record looks a little less likely, as it would need an additional $162 million to catch up to Avengers: Infinity War. But never count a kid from Queens—three kids from Queens—out!

While the Jon Watts-directed picture, co-starring Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Benedict Cumberbatch, and, briefly, Martin Starr is already available for home viewing via a six-dollar rental on platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube, the promise of (say it again) more fun stuff could very well inspire Spider-Fans back to the theater.

Due to the unusual contracts surrounding the Spider-Man intellectual property, even though the character is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie is not headed to Disney+ anytime soon. It will, however, be available on the subscription service Starz sometime in autumn. Certainly after this latest theatrical swing.

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