June 3, 2023
Super Mario Area Rug Carpet

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ITEM TYPE:Super Mario World Map Area Rug Carpet, Super Mario Area Rug, Super Mario Carpet, Super Mario Rug, Product Feature: Our custom rug is among our signature product line and favored by many customers. It is made-to-order and handcrafted to ensure highest quality standards but still affordable, Super Mario World Map Area Rug Carpet is woven and dyed by advanced technology, durable, largely soft, not easy to ball, with good fastness and nice water absorption. This item makes a great statement for any decor, adds texture to the floor and complements any living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It can also be used as a door entrance or bathroom mat attire.. MATERIAL:Product information: Dimension: there are 03 sizes: Small (90 x 150cm / 35.4 x 59.1in), Medium (120 x 180cm / 47.2 x 70.9in), Large (150 x 240cm / 59.1 x 94.5in), Long-lasting color vibrancy & durability: Once your heart is set on one design, it will last for years to come, Extremely wear-resistant, this Area Rug is built to last, No tears, no shedding, Softer than silk: Sinking your feet into this rug is truly like walking on clouds Comfort comes first, Nonslip: Once you pick that perfect spot to lay down this rug, it will stay, The bottom of the rug grips onto even the smoothest of surfaces, Production: All orders are sent to the manufacturer within 24 hours after the order is placed, The manufacturer processes the orders, which takes an additional 5 to 7 business days, Delivery: Expedited Shipping: Items usually take between 8 to 12 business days to arrive at their destination, Standard Shipping: Items usually take between 12 to 15 business days to arrive at their destination

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Basic Super Mario Area Rug Carpet

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Very good Super Mario Area Rug Carpet

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