Russian teenager jailed for plot to blow up FSB building in Minecraft

A Russian teenager who allegedly planned to blow up the FSB security service building in Minecraft has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Teenager Nikita Uvarov, 16, has been charged by a Siberian military court with training for terrorist activities.

The two defendants continued to be cleared of charges and given suspended sentences for cooperating with investigators.

Three teenagers were detained in the summer of 2020 for distributing political leaflets in support of a Moscow mathematician and anarchist who is on trial for vandalism. They were 14 years old then.

They left leaflets at a local FSB building. Russia’s FSB is the successor to the Soviet-era KGB.

Their phones were taken away, through which the police discovered a Minecraft Rug a virtual FSB building they had created in Minecraft.

Their phones also contain video of the teenagers throwing Molotov cocktails against the wall and setting off fireworks, according to the Moscow Times.

Uvarov pleaded not guilty in court, articulating pressure from authorities during the investigation and dismissing plans to blow up anything.

“I am not a terrorist, I am not guilty,” he said in his closing statement.

Human rights activists say the incident is part of a broader pattern in which teenagers are targeted by state security forces to create a climate of fear among young people only government quote.

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