June 1, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday labelled his predecessor, Donald Trump, “the great MAGA king” and continued sharp criticism against Republicans ahead of midterm elections that could be bridging for Democrats. “I think it’s important that, as we go forward, you’re gonna hear me talking more about not only what we’ve done, but what they’re trying to do,” the president told an evening Democratic fundraiser crowd of about 40 at a Chicago hotel. The party that controls the presidency usually loses seats during the next election and, with inflation reaching its highest levels in 40 years, Biden’s party could see its control of Congress wiped out in November. To try to counter that, Biden has in recent days begun decrying “ultra-MAGA” Republicans — a reference to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

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But Biden also added, “Because of how outrageous some of the things that former President Trump has done and said, I think we found ourselves in the position where it was almost like, ‘How could that happen?’ ‘How could that be?”‘ When an attendee’s cell phone rang, the president joked: “I know that’s Trump calling. He always does that.” His remarks at the fundraiser followed a speech earlier Thursday in which Biden offered a new nickname for Trump, who himself enjoyed bestowing often unflattering monikers on political opponents. “Under my predecessor — the great MAGA king — the deficit increased every single year he was president,” he told the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers conference, which was also being held in Chicago. “The first year of my presidency, the first year, I reduced the deficit.”

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