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Some very online citizens aren’t thrilled that the cringe majority has swooped in and laundered one of the more arcane memes in the culture, but alas, this is a cycle that’s repeated since the dawn of time. (I am old enough to remember how 4chan users would get mad when their lingo was recontextualized on Reddit.) Still, it is funny how right-wing diction continues to be adopted and adapted by the left. “Brandon,” of course, is derived from “Let’s Go Brandon”— Dark Brandon Unisex T-Shirt, a coded phrase that roughly translates to “Fuck Joe Biden.” No Democrat would refer to the leader of their party by that name in 2021. But a few weeks after the inciting incident, the leftist podcasters of Chapo Trap House were using “Brandon” as shorthand for the president and the term Brandonized to refer to the milquetoast political center he occupied. A half-year after that, “Brandon” has, by way of “Dark Brandon,” become something of a rallying cry for libs. It’s similar to the way cuck is now an intrinsic part of the lexicon for many younger people, even if it was popularized by guys like Milo Yiannopolis. Slang truly has no owners. Who knows? Maybe in a few years from now, at the DNC, the floor will be chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” completely unironically.

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Dark Brandon Unisex T-Shirt, hoodie, long sleeve shirt

With the way things are going for Joe Biden, he might as well lean into the memes as much as possible. Thus far, his presidency has been defined by indecision and soul-crushing congressional gridlock. If he can muster a smidge of momentum from the al-Zawahiri assassination by pulling up the cowl of Dark Brandon, then that is surely better than whatever he’s got going right now. After all, Joe Biden’s approval rating is already cresting back toward 40 percent. Dark Brandon strikes again!

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