May 25, 2023

The husband and wife pair complement each other with the same easy flair that they give their experiments between rigor and plasticity, severity and fluidity. 20th Century Studios Alien New Poster Home Decor Poster Canvas, They describe their process as an exercise in “searching and finding that right pull, whether it’s an artisanal gesture breaking something very strict, or something soft being broken by something very rigid and structured. That play is always there.”

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20th Century Studios Alien New Poster Home Decor Poster Canvas

The yin-yang creative dynamic Luke and Lucie Meier have brought to Jil Sander isn’t just a reflection of the two of them sharing art and life, but also an echo of the big-picture conversation about the redefinition of identities around the intersection of masculine and feminine codes. “In our designs there’s always this tension between the masculine and the feminine,” they mused, Zooming from their studio in Milan. “It’s always there in some form or another.”

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