September 27, 2023

The Queen’s demanding Christmas schedule is being “carefully examined”, according to reports.

The Palace will be looking into Her Majesty’s gruelling schedule following orders from royal doctors that she must rest.

The Queen turned 95 earlier this year following the death of her husband Prince Philip and spent a night in hospital last week for “preliminary” tests.

She cancelled a trip to Northern Ireland and has since withdrawn from this weekend’s COP26 event.

Queen’s Christmas schedule being ‘carefully examined’

A royal source told The Mirror that senior royals have discussed sharing the workload to take pressure away from the Queen.

They said: “The senior royals as a unit have collectively discussed a greater need for collaboration in their projects together, whether that is explicitly working on the same topic or supporting each other on an ad-hoc basis, different plans will be drawn up to the ones that currently exist.”

Following her recent hospital stay the Queen returned to her desk to undergo “light” duties.

However, discussions are taking place to help scale back her commitments and prioritise more crucial duties.

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