May 25, 2023

These Pokemon Go Regice counters will help in Raids now this Legendary has returned. Regice is a powerful Pokemon to have especially as a defensive wall, which could come in handy when facing off against powerful Dragon types. With the return of Regice in Pokemon Go, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help take down the Legendary as fast as possible.

Regice, one member of the Regi trio of the Hoenn region, will return to Pokemon Go starting Monday, January 24 until Tuesday, February 1. For one week, trainers will have many chances to catch Regice to add to their collection. Trainers will also have a chance to catch Shiny Regice, if they are lucky.

Pokemon Go Regice Counters
Regice is a pure Ice-type Pokemon and is weak to Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock-type attacks. There are plenty of Pokemon of those types that trainers can use in Pokemon Go especially of the Mega variety.

Mega Houndoom and Charizard X/Y will give trainers some powerful Fire-type options. Not only will all three options deal plenty of damage to Regice, they’ll also power up Fire-type attacks on your team as well as any other trainer who joins you in the Raid.

For trainers looking to bring a team of Fighting types, Mega Lopunny is a great option as it deals plenty of damage and power-up those types of moves. Trainers should know that Mega Lopunny can’t take as much damage as other Megas, so treat it as a glass cannon.

If you’re looking to bring a team of Rock types, the newly added Mega Aerodactyl will give a huge boost to these teams. However, it will be weak to many of Regice’s moves – more on that below.

There are plenty of non-Mega Pokemon options to use as well. Powerful Steel types like Metagross are great, while Fire types such as Entei, Moltrest and Reshiram will help any team. Fighting types like Machamp and Terrakion will also help any trainer who doesn’t have a Mega Pokemon to use.

Here’s a list of great counter options to take on Regice in Pokemon Go.
Regice Counters
Pokemon Moveset
Mega Houndoom Fire Fang and Flamethrower
Mega Charizard X/Y Fire Spin and Blast Burn
Mega Aerodactyl Rock Throw and Rock Slide
Mega Lopunny Low Kick and Focus Blast
Metagross Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
Moltres Fire Spin and Overheat
Entei Fire Fang and Overheat
Reshiram Fire Fang and Overheat
Machamp Karate Chop and Dynamic Punch
Terrakion Smack Down and Sacred Sword

Regice Moveset
Regice will, of course, carry a few Ice-type attacks. Frost Breath and Blizzard will be the Legendary’s main attacks, which will deal super effective damage to Pokemon like Aerodactyl. Fire types usually resist Ice moves, but Mega Charizard X/Y as well as Pokemon like Reshiram and Moltres will take neutral damage due to their secondary typings.

Rock Smash is a Fast Attack option for Regice and can deal major damage to Steel and Rock types. Focus Blast will also deal this damage if Regice has it for its Charged Attack.

For its final Charged Attack option, Regice could use Earthquake, which deals super effective damage to Fire, Rock and Steel types.

It’ll be tricky to navigate battles against Regice, but trainers should utilize the recommended page when first entering a Raid. This page will give trainers an idea on what moves Regice will have. If it recommends Fire types, then Regice will likely have attacks that won’t hurt them like its Ice or Fighting-type moves. Just keep an eye on this page and it’ll help you pick the right team for the job.

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Here’s a list of moves that Regice can have in Pokemon Go.

Regice Pokemon Go Moveset
Fast Attack Charged Attack
Frost Breath Blizzard
Rock Smash Earthquake
Lock On Focus Blast

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>> Pokemon Go Regice raid guide, counters and movesets to take them down

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