June 1, 2023

At the beginning of Pokemon GO’s long and storied existence, there were only four Pokemon that were “regional,” meaning they could only be caught in certain parts of the world: Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, Tauros, and Kangaskhan. Since then, the list of regional Pokemon has grown significantly, with dozens of ‘mons now exclusive to certain places on the planet. Some Pokemon are locked to tiny, specific areas, while others will spawn anywhere in an entire hemisphere. It can be confusing to keep track of which Pokemon are where and complete the in-game Pokedex.
Luckily, it’s not too hard to find trading partners that have visited or lived in other parts of the world and caught the area’s regional Pokemon. It’s also worth noting which Pokemon are in an area that you plan to travel to, so you can catch one while you’re there. From the north pole to the southern tips of the continents, here are all the Pokemon that are exclusive to certain regions.

Hemisphere-Specific Pokemon
There is a handful of Pokemon that are exclusive to one entire half of the planet. Most of them follow an east-west split, while one Pokemon is exclusive to only the Southern Hemisphere.

West – East
Split by the Prime Meridian and the 180th meridian, the two hemispheres of the earth are home to Pokemon that match in some way. Shellos and Basculin come in two forms, but the only difference is their appearance. Heatmor and Durant are considered rivals in the series canon, so it’s no surprise they like to stay pretty far from one another.

The Southern Hemisphere has one regional Pokemon — Chatot. This Gen IV Pokemon should spawn anywhere south of the equator. Pachirisu could be considered its counterpart, spawning only in the Northern Hemisphere, but it doesn’t spawn anywhere north of the equator. It spawns only in Arctic regions (more on that later).

Continental Splits
Some regional Pokemon are locked to “halves” of the world, though the split is not between the hemispheres. Rather, these Pokemon spawn generally on some continents or others. However, the lines that split their spawns can bisect a continent and often even specific countries.

These areas are rough estimations based on reports from players around the world. As such, specific player mileage may vary.

Part 1 – North America + South America + Africa | Europe + Asia + Australia
One such continental split places some regional Pokemon in the Americas and Africa and the others in Europe, Asia, and Australia. However, the line splitting the two halves runs through some of the areas. The line bisects Greenland and doesn’t quite miss Africa entirely, just slicing off the top of its most northern countries, as well as cutting through the Middle East.
However, these areas are generally inclusive of full continents. Players near the line may be lucky enough to be able to find Pokemon from both sides without having to travel too far.

These Pokemon will often swap places for long periods of time (notably, Solrock and Lunatone), or spawn in both regions for special events.
Part 2 – Asia-Pacific | North America + South America + Greenland | Europe + India + Africa + Middle East
Another split that could generally be considered between continents bisects the world into three parts. Again, like the aforementioned continental split, this one isn’t perfectly drawn around the perimeter of full continents. Rather, it separates the Americas from the other continents but includes some islands in the northern oceans.

In regards to places in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, like Iceland and Svalbard, reports vary. Some say that Iceland, specifically, is grouped in with the Americas, though some believe it’s part of the European spawn region. Experiences for players in these areas may differ from what this rough estimation shows.

Meanwhile, the line splitting Asia-Pacific from Europe and Africa isn’t exactly perfect, either. The portion that includes Europe and Africa also includes most of the Middle East, almost half of Russia, and a good portion of South, Central, and West Asia.

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The Lake Guardians (Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit) can typically be found in limited-time raids, but they are capable of spawning in the wild. This is just a very, very rare occurrence. During the periods when they’re in raids, it can be a good idea to look on social media to find a new Pokemon GO friend that can invite you to their regional Lake Guardian raids.

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