June 1, 2023

Regional Pokémon are a thorn in the side of all monster collectors in Pokémon GO – this guide shows you where you can find all the hidden creatures in 2022.

Pokémon GO: regional and location

The Pokédex is an ever-expanding compendium of all existing pocket monsters – filling it is the end goal and ambition of every trainer in Pokémon GO, as in all the mainline games of the series. In the main games, there are version-exclusive Pokémon that can only be obtained by trading with the owner of the other edition. In Pokémon GO there is a different restriction – a regional one.
If there are no wild kangaroos in Germany, why should it be any different with Kangaskhan? At the same time, you can hardly expect a monster named Tropius to actually live in Northern Europe. In short, some Pokémon only exist in certain regions of the world – these are called regional Pokémon.

To catch them, you either have to travel to these places yourself or trade with someone who has visited them. Sometimes events remove the regional restriction and the exclusive Pokémon appear worldwide in raids or eggs, but this rarely happens.
Currently, there are a total of 36 regional Pokémon in Pokémon GO – here are all their locations.

Gen 1 Pokémon
Kangaskhan: Australia
Mr. Mime & Mime Jr.: Europe
Farfetch’d: East Asia
Tauros: North America – most of the U.S., southern Canada, and northern Mexico
Gen 2 Pokémon
Corsola: coasts along the equator – 31° North to 26° South
Heracross: Central and South America – from Texas and southern Florida to Cape Hoorn

Gen 3 Pokémon
Illumise: Americas and Africa
Lunatone: Americas and Africa
Torkoal: Asia and India – from Iran in the West to Vietnam in the East
Relicanth: New Zealand
Zangoose: Europe, Asia, and Australia
Solrock: Europe, Asia, and Australia
Tropius: Africa and Middle East – the northernmost sightings come from southern Spain
Gen 4 Pokémon
Pachirisu: Alaska, Canada, Eastern Russia
Chatot: Southern Hemisphere
Carnivine: Southeastern U.S.
Shellos (Western Coast): Western Hemisphere
Shellos (Eastern Coast): Eastern Hemisphere
Uxie: Americas
Azelf: East Asia and Australia
Mesprit: Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa

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Gen 5 Pokémon
Basculin (blue pattern): Western Hemisphere
Bascules (red pattern): Eastern Hemisphere
Bouffalant: New York, Boston, and Philadelphia area
Durant: Western Hemisphere
Heatmor: Eastern Hemisphere
Pansear: Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa
Throh: Western Hemisphere
Sawk: Eastern Hemisphere
Maractus: Central and South America – from Texas and southern Florida to Cape Hoorn
Panpour: Americas
Sigilyph: Egypt, Greece, and Israel
Pansage: East Asia and Australia
Gen 6 Pokémon
Klefki: France – the northernmost sightings come from southern England
The Gen 2 regional Pokémon should be available worldwide in 2022 as part of the Pokémon GO Tour: Johto in February, plus the annual Pokémon GO Fest always results in global location changes. Otherwise, don’t ask friends and acquaintances for a postcard or a souvenir from their next vacation – download Pokémon GO onto their smartphone and send them on the hunt.

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>> Pokémon GO: regional and location

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