June 10, 2023

Since the Pokemon series began in 1986, hundreds of Pokemon have been discovered by players in the games. While some are more popular, such as Pikachu and Eevee, players would be remiss if they forgot about some of the more unusual types. One of these rather odd Pokemon is the Magnemite.

As a Gen 1 Pokemon, Magnemite has been around for a long time. It is an Electric/Steel-type Pokemon with a spherical body and grayish coloration. Its appearance is instantly recognizable due to its one eye and horseshoe magnets attached to the sides of its body, allowing it to float in midair. Recently, a fan decided to make artwork based on this Pokemon.
In a post on Reddit, a user known as FrigginBoomT shared a video of a recent carving they had completed based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, they had decided to make a wooden card box with an image of a Magnemite carved onto the front. The design was stunning, as it replicated the look of the electrified Pokemon. The carving included the one eye of the character, along with its signature pair of horseshoe magnets. The case even featured a latch and contained hidden magnets corresponding to the ones on the Magnemite carving. In addition, the creator carried on the electric theme to the background, as an electric field was visible behind the character.
Beyond showcasing the final product, the video posted by FrigginBoomT showed the steps that went into crafting the card box. First, they lightly sketched out the design of the Magnemite on the lid of the box. Then using various tools, they carved out the image of the Pokemon. Once this was complete, they flipped the box over and added 2 magnets. They then applied what appeared to be a coat of varnish to give the wood a darker appearance. Before the box was finished, they included a latch on the front.

This incredibly detailed Magnemite card box made by FrigginBoomT caught the attention of numerous members of the Pokemon community on Reddit. With over 5,600 upvotes in only a day, many were impressed with the design. Some commented that they liked the pose for Magnemite, while others noted that the Pokemon was one of their favorite types in the series.

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While this Magnemite card box with hidden magnets is doubtlessly exciting to see for gamers, it is not the only creation made by talented fans. In addition, another fan recently made a nostalgic cross-stitch of the gondola ride seen in Pokemon Emerald. Time will tell what other artwork is created by the Pokemon community in the days ahead.

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