June 10, 2023

A Pokémon fan fused the Legendary birds of Kanto with the Legendary beasts of Johto to create three pieces of gorgeously detailed art.

Reddit user Leoiruga matched each of the Legendary beasts with a Legendary bird, based on type and overall look. Suicune, a Water-type Pokémon symbolizing the rains that extinguished a fire ravaging Ecruteak City’s Brass Tower, was given the wings of Articuno, who specializes in ice-based attacks. Since they are both Electric-types, Raikou obtained the power of flight through Zapdos’ gold and black wings, bolts of lightning surrounding the legendary Pokémon to signify the lightning strike that set Brass Tower aflame. Entei had the most dramatic transformation, the Pokémon representing the fire that burned through the Brass Tower now itself set alight as flames burst forth from its scalp and wings to mirror the legendary Moltres.

The Legendary beasts x Legendary birds mashup is not Leoiruga’s first Pokémon fusion art. Previously, they fused the iconic Eeveelution line with various Digimon, and have even gone a step further in their transformations by drawing Pokémon in an Egyptian style and changing the types of Pokémon altogether.

It is no surprise that fans continue to shower Pokémon with love — since its inception in 1996, it’s become one of the highest-grossing media franchises in history. Pokémon depicts a world centered around so-called “pocket monsters” with special abilities, roaming freely across the lands. Trainers capture these creatures to do battle with other trainers, to challenge Gym leaders and to ultimately become the region’s Pokémon Champion. Beginning as a series of video games, the Pokémon brand has also spawned successful anime adaptations and a popular trading card game.

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl mark the latest entries in Pokémon’s video game series, released for the Nintendo Switch in November 2021. The remakes of the Nintendo DS’ Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have been commercially successful, with around 6 million copies of the game sold a week after its release. Players will navigate the Sinnoh region once again in the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but the game puts a spin on its setting by having it take place in the past, before the Pokédex has even been developed. Players will be tasked with building the world’s first Pokédex by traversing through a vast open world to research and catch a variety of Pokémon.

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>> Pokémon Fan Art Fuses the Iconic Legendary Birds With the Legendary Beasts

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