June 9, 2023

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, there are some Pokemon that can only be caught in the Trophy Garden. Those looking for “baby Pokemon” such as Pichu can find them as random encounters in the tall grass. Once Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s main story has been completed, more Pokemon will start appearing at the Trophy Garden.

The Trophy Garden is located in the backyard of the Pokemon Mansion, which is located south of Hearthome City on Route 212. Battling the trainers outside the Mansion is an excellent way to farm money, too.
List of Pokemon in The Trophy Garden
Within the Pokemon Mansion are various rooms with items hidden in trash cans and even a room to heal up the party Pokemon. In the right-wing of the Pokemon Mansion is Mr. Backlot, who is very proud of his Trophy Garden. After getting the National Dex, Mr. Backlot will talk about a never-before-seen Pokemon roaming around his Trophy Garden. This Pokemon changes daily, and some Pokemon are exclusive to the Trophy Garden, such as Pokemon mascot Pikachu. Therefore, it’s best to check and see if he mentions a Pokemon that BDSP players might be interested in.

To enter the Trophy Garden, simply head straight to the back entrance. The following Pokemon can be found in the Trophy Garden before the National Dex:

Name Levels Appearance Rate (time of day)
Pichu 16 10%
Pikachu 18 30% (morning); 10% (day/night)
Staravia 16-17 20% (day)
Roselia 16-17 30%
Kricketune 16-17 10% (morning/day); 20% (night)
Pokemon mentioned by Mr. Backlot are called Daily Pokemon, and they all have a 5% appearance rate. It can be frustrating trying to catch Daily Pokemon since they’re randomized, and it’s very easy to miss the day they appear. All Daily Pokemon are either level 16 or 18.

Daily Pokemon do not have a specific day of the week they appear on. This requires players to keep checking in with Mr. Backlot until the Pokemon they want appears in the Trophy Garden. One way to reset the Daily Pokemon is to save the game before speaking to Mr. Backlot. If he mentions a Daily Pokemon that the player doesn’t want, they can soft-reset/reload their save file and talk to him again.

The following Pokemon are Daily Pokemon at the Trophy Garden:

Mime Jr.

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Despite being version-exclusives, Mime Jr. and Bonsly can be caught as Daily Pokemon in Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, respectively. Players will also get a Happiny Egg in Hearthome City, and they can get Eevee from Bebe after getting the National Dex. However, if they want more than one Eevee or Happiny, they can breed it with Ditto or look for them at the Trophy Garden.

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