June 1, 2023

Power it on and you’ll have a choice of six new the Harry Potter special watch faces – Hogwarts badge, the castle and four of what you’d recognise as Hogwarts houses – Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff
Harry Potter sweater fans would appreciate the finer touches on the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition smartwatch. That is what it is. One of the rarest, unambiguous tech products we have seen in a while.
You know exactly the audience they are for. And they’ve been made just for that. The OnePlus Watch that has already seen one special edition, the Cobalt Edition, is doing enough to get the Harry Potter fans excited. Mind you, this isn’t a bunch of wallpapers masquerading as everything.

The regular OnePlus Watch currently commands a price tag of ₹14,999 before the deals and offers. The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition rightly carries a slight premium – this is priced at ₹16,999 with a gift harry potter ugly sweater and that’s the price point that the regular OnePlus Watch vacated with the pricing recalibration.

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Everything else pretty well remains as it should, on the spec sheet and the features list. The innards are the same. What has changed is the exterior and some new software elements added to complete the Harry Potter experience.

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