May 25, 2023

Western Australia has emerged out of the pandemic with an economy so strong, the world’s most luxurious brands are have put faith into our retail market with multimillion-dollar investments.

Luxury fashion house Chanel has opened the doors to its much-anticipated new store today, in the heart of our CBD.

The 700sqm store designed by Peter Marino is located in the heritage-listed Wentworth Building at Raine Square, almost three times larger than their previous location on King Street, which closed last week.

In an Australian first, the store will be a combined fashion and beauty boutique showcasing ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, fragrance and cosmetics.

The boutique is the only location in Australia that features changerooms customers can personalise via a mobile device, to customise air flow, music and lighting.

The interior pays homage to the brand’s founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel Bedding Set and echo’s her legendary apartment with symbols inspired by the couturier, including the black, white and beige colour palette, and the graphic language synonymous with her eternally modern allure.

The ground floor is dedicated to bags, shoes, small leather goods and jewellery. Straight off the runway, the first floor features designs from Virginie Viard’s Summer 2022 collection, displayed in large bay windows overlooking the bustling central business district.

The fashion giant follows an array of high-end exclusive brands relocating to Raine Square from King Street, including Kailis Jewellery, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co. and Watches of Switzerland.

The addition of its latest luxury tenant, marking the completion of Charter Hall’s $60 million redevelopment, the retail destination has cemented itself as the city’s newest luxury hub, taking the crown out of King Street’s hands.

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“Chanel’s grand opening marks yet another significant milestone for Raine Square, completing our luxury retail offering and firmly cementing our position as the home of premium local and international brands in Perth’s CBD,” Miriam Patterson, Head of Office Partnerships and Raine Square Fund Manager, told The West Australian.

“When Charter Hall purchased Raine Square in 2013, it was with the understanding that the redevelopment needed to be agile and responsive to the needs of the community.

“Raine Square provides a diverse and unique blend of tenants and placemaking offering convenience, aspiration, and entertainment for visitors inspiring the community to engage with the precinct.”

Edward Maradona, director of renowned streetwear store Cabinet Noir located at Raine Square, mirrored Patterson’s sentiment.

“For so many years King Street has been known as the primary destination for luxury shopping. This has changed with the Raine Square’s pro-active move in securing Louis Vuitton to move into the premise. LV’s move resulted in all luxury brands from King Street to also make the move. Tiffany & Co moved in recently. And now with Chanel taking the corner of William and Murray Street makes it the most visible luxury designer store in Perth CBD,” Maradona told The West Australian.

“We (Cabinet Noir) made the move knowing this will happen in the near future, and committed into the move as they offered us the space directly behind Louis Vuitton.

“Being in the same neighbourhood with LV, Tiffany, and Chanel will only create a stronger synergy. Being in the new “Luxury Space” also enables us to show our customer our luxury designer brand offerings.

“Since the move we have seen our business grow and our reach to new clienteles have also expanded. Being so close to LV, we noticed we share similar demographics and both our stores compliment each other. With the addition of Chanel, we are confident this will only attract more people of similar audience,” he explained.

“Having multiple designers stores in Raine Square also will help the city invite back tourists (as the borders re-opened). I am confident Raine Square will become one of tourist destinations. I believe with the right marketing strategies from Raine Square and City of Perth we can revive shopping in the city again.

Iconic West Australian jewellery brand Kailis Jewellery expressed their excitement in being a part of Perth’s most prestigious retail destination.

“We are so proud to be one of the exclusive retailers hand-selected to perfectly round out Raine Square’s luxury offering, giving city-goers an elevated, world class shopping experience” says Tanya Tindall, General Manager, Kailis Jewellery.

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