June 5, 2023

Many sources tell Deadline that Doctor Sleep filmmaker Mike Flanagan has presented a feature version of Clayface to the studio; however, no news on greenlight yet — and the studio has not said ‘No’. There are no specials or offers. Despite he is generally a DC supervillain, if the Flanagan film goes forward, he would not be a horrible character (so we hear).

According to reports, Flanagan and his Intrepid Pictures partner Trevor Macy spoke with DC executives James Gunn and Peter Safran. Flangan, we believe, was not pitching the character to be a part of Matt Reeves’ DC elseworld, The Batman 2, which is planned to be released on October 3, 2025.

But, other sources tell us that screenplays are always changing, and Clayface is a significant addition to Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2. Let’s wait until the dust settles and something happens. It remains to be seen if Clayface is a link between The Batman 2 Otherworld and Gunn and Safran’s feature and series-spanning DC’s Gods and Monsters – Chapter One.

Clayface, on the other hand, made his debut in Detective Comics #40 in June 1940. While a number of shape-shifting DC villains would ultimately use that moniker, the original Clayface was a fairly successful actor who took on the name of a character he’d played in a horror film after turning to crime. He’s a frequent adversary of Batman with a body that appears to be made of clay who has appeared in numerous films, television series, animated works, video games, and other forms of media over the years, being portrayed by Brian McManamon and Lorraine Burroughs, respectively, on the series Gotham (The CW) and Pennyworth (Epix/HBO Max).The origins of Clayface may be traced back to 1970s comic books, which transformed the character into a scientist with hormonal imbalances.

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