Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Chanel Perfume Is Still Available Today & More Affordable Than You’d Think

Marilyn Monroe has been making headlines recently (has she ever really been out of them?) thanks to Ana de Armas’ portrayal of the star in the Netflix film Blonde which came out on Sept. 28, 2022. If you haven’t seen it, let me tell you, it’s intense. Not only does the movie run for nearly three hours long, but it shows a lot of the (fictionalized for the film) abuse Monroe went through to achieve her stardom, which some might find triggering. It’s getting a lot of flack on TikTok and In reviews for making the alleged abuse that Monroe faced the focal point of the film. Blonde is based on the fictional account of her life by writer Joyce Carole Oates, so it’s kind of the imagined story of what Monroe’s life was like as she shot to stardom after Hollywood’s golden age.


The film was shot in Monroe’s actual home, and depicts many of the same outfits you’ve seen Monroe photographed in. There are many scenes of Monroe getting her makeup done and sitting around her vanity prepping for an event, which got me thinking of the iconic quote she told reporters back in the ’50s. Monroe was recounting an anecdote for Time magazine in which she said she was constantly asked what she wore to bed. In response, she answered “Chanel Blanket No.5.”

The iconic perfume has been around since 1921, if you can believe it. It was considered one of the first women’s perfumes that was available, made exclusively for women by a woman. A literal century later, the perfume is still available and despite being iconic and a product of Chanel, it’s actually pretty affordable.

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