Luke Skywalker Played A Secret Role In The Second Death Star’s Destruction

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars set before the events of Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker’s secret role in destroying the second Death Star is revealed. While the Jedi Knight was on board the battle station just before the Rebellion blew it up, he was there to face the Emperor and redeem his father Darth Vader. However, this new issue reveals that the Rebellion might not have learned about the second Death Star in time if not for Luke and his Jedi training.



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In previous issues of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker has been determined to continue his Jedi path despite the revelation that Darth Vader is his father. Scouring the galaxy for texts and relics of the Jedi Order, Luke’s journey during this era is very much self-taught, having left Yoda in Empire Strikes Back to save his friends on Cloud City. However, Luke has returned to the Rebellion which has finally regrouped after being scattered by the Empire following the Battle of Hoth. Despite planning their next moves against the might of the Empire, the Rebellion has yet to learn about the construction of a new Death Star due to the intense security surrounding the Imperial black site.

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However, the new Star Wars #27 from writer Charles Soule and artist Andrés Genolet continues the harrowing adventure of two Imperial defectors seeking to flee the Death Star in order to warn the Rebellion of its existence. Having their children on board a shuttle they stole, the Empire is in close pursuit with orders to decimate the traitors before they can reveal the Empire’s new project. While this new issue sees them sending a transmission to the Rebellion seeking their help in exchange for this crucial information, the validity of their request is repeatedly called into question as the report is moved up the chain of command. As such, the cry for help would have likely been dismissed as illegitimate or even a trap had Luke Skywalker not trusted his instincts.

Luke Skywalker Senses Death Star Defectors
While Star Wars characters typically share their “bad feelings” much more often, Luke flips the classic line on its head which proves his growing trust in the Force. His instincts as a Jedi undoubtedly moved him to speak up and share his gut feeling about that particular transmission others were ready to ignore. As such, Luke will likely put himself at the forefront of a rescue mission, resulting in the defectors revealing the second Death Star’s existence. This will give the Rebellion the ample time they need between episodes to prepare a mission that will ensure the destruction of the new technological terror being constructed.


If not for Luke Skywalker, the Rebellion might have been caught by surprise by the second Death Star, ending their spark of resistance once and for all rather than bringing the galaxy’s liberation that came from the battle station’s destruction (as well as Luke and Vader’s defeat of the Emperor). As a result, it’s going to be very exciting to see how the Jedi Knight’s rescue mission plays out in the issues to come. Star Wars #27 is on sale now.

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