November 29, 2023

The divide between those who have had the jab and those who haven’t may start hitting close to home in Manitoba as new COVID-19 rules target gatherings involving unvaccinated people.

The new public health orders, which go into effect Tuesday, Oct. 5, mean some families will have to decide between a large Thanksgiving dinner with a fully vaccinated group or a smaller turkey dinner with an unvaccinated guest.

Luckily, Gerald McMillan won’t have to make that call as everyone on his guest list has already had two shots.

“Everybody’s double vaccinated, everybody’s raring to go,” he said.

Ken Dufault, who is hosting Thanksgiving at the cabin, said he wasn’t planning on getting together with unvaccinated guests, regardless of what the province says. He and his wife have only been attending events where vaccination is a requirement.

“People that aren’t vaccinated know that they’re not going to be attending any type of event at our place,” he said.

Dufault said he hasn’t received any pushback from the people he’s had those conversations with.

Megan Delmonte, however, is dreading the uncomfortable conversations.

Although she would like to see all her friends and family sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine, she understands some will not listen to her and it’s not in her personality to exclude people from social gatherings.

“It’s hard,” Delmonte said. “You kind of get stuck in the middle.”

Her boyfriend, Adriane Dizon, added that he doesn’t want anybody to “feel left out.”

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