June 1, 2023

Michael Joran dunked on the Utah Jazz’ 7-foot center after being told to pick on someone his own size by a heckler in the stands.

Michael Jordan in the 1980s was undoubtedly one of the most athletic players to have ever laced up to take to an NBA game. Of course, what’s representative of this statement would be the fact that he dunked the ball from the free throw line during a dunk contest and this could quite literally be the sole reason to back up the aforementioned statement.

Jordan has put an otherworldly number of players on posters and if he couldn’t get dunk off, fans best believe that he would contort his body to somehow get a lay-up in over several defenders. What fueled many of Mike’s highlights was he desire to prove somebody wrong.

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Perhaps the most known instance of this would be Michael Jordan ‘climbing Mount Mutombo’. Dikembe Mutombo had bet that ‘His Airness’ could not put him on a poster. Well, in short, Jordan did.
Michael Jordan dunks on 7 footer and asks if he’s big enough.

The 1987-88 NBA season saw Michael Jordan Canvas cement himself as someone who was in a class of his in the NBA in terms of being potent on both ends of the floor. He averaged 37.1 points per game, was the Defensive Player of the Year, and won his first ever MVP.

During a game in December of this season, the Chicago Bulls went up against the Utah Jazz. In a fairly standard play, Scottie Pippen brought the ball up the floor and found Jordan on a mismatch with 6’0 John Stockton, Stockton gambled for the steal and this led to Michael getting an easy dunk.

A Jazz from the stands wasn’t all too happy with this as he yelled out from the stands, “Pick on someone your own size!” After a failed shot attempt from Utah on the other end, Michael Jordan did exactly what this fan asked of him. He picked on someone his own size and dunked all over Mel Turpin, the 7’1 center for the Jazz.

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