How To Chanel-ify Your Hair in an Instant

While Kristen Stewart brought grunge beauty to the front row, the models—including Irina Shayk and Jill Kortleve—at Chanel’s spring 2023 presentation sported an altogether more polished look as they walked the runway. Accompanying their dewy skin and berry-stained lips was a hairstyle that could not be easier to recreate at home.

Slicked-back and secured with a Chanel-emblazoned barrette at the nape of the neck, there wasn’t a flyaway in sight with these bookish low ponytails. The most noteworthy element? The ultra expensive-looking shine, which almost matched models’s glossy complexions in the gleam department.


The trick to achieving a similarly strict, sleek finish is to make use of a fine-bristled brush, nourishing hair oil, and plenty of hairspray to smooth and boost shine. You don’t need to have super-long hair to pull this look off, either—even longer bobs were given the same treatment at the show. Part hair down the center and then fasten with your chosen clip. Et voilà! your hair has been Chanel Blanket-ified.

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