How Solo Ruined Han and Chewbacca’s Meeting With Silly Backstory

Though its TV shows are seeing some success, Star Wars is not what it once was on the big screen. That is due to a series of mediocre or controversial films in the franchise, with one of them being Solo: A Star Wars Story. Regarded by most as unnecessary, not to mention relatively bland, the film also ruined Han Solo’s backstory by making it incredibly ridiculous.

One problem with the movie is that so many important parts of Han’s life happen right after another. That makes it seem inconsequential, especially with how he first interacts with his friend Chewbacca. Here’s how Han meeting his best friend is ridiculous in his own movie.



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How Han & Chewie Meet in Solo: A Star Wars Story

han and chewie in solo a star wars story
In the film Solo, Han is thrown into a pit to be fed to the “beast.” Said beast is none other than Chewbacca, who thoroughly thrashes the mere human. Much larger than Han, Chewie slams him around and nearly strangles him to death. It’s actually a pretty good scene that highlights just how tough Wookiees are, but it’s quickly ruined by a bit of chit-chat. Han’s untimely end in a muddy pit is brought to a quick halt when he speaks a bit of Shyriiwook, the Wookiee language. That makes Chewbacca back off, with Han stating that he knows a few words of the language.

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Han speaking the Wookiee language matches his backstory in the expanded universe stories, though these are no longer canon to the Disney Star Wars continuity. Thus, it’s questionable as to where the smuggler learned how to speak the incredibly difficult-to-understand language. It’s also an equally ridiculous scene given Han and Chewie’s future interactions, making the existence of the unwanted prequel even more head-scratching.

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Why Han’s Ability to Speak Wookiee Makes No Sense
solo han chewie
As mentioned, Shyriiwook is supposed to be difficult to learn how to speak for humans because of how their vocal cords evolved. Thus, Han pulling it out of nowhere at the last minute when Chewie fights him feels like a plot contrivance. Never mind that Han never speaks to Chewbacca in this language again, furthering the sentiment that Solo just pulled his speaking Shyriiwook out of nowhere to advance the story. Chewbacca also understands English, as shown by this film and the other Star Wars movies. So, it could be argued that Han taught Chewie more English during the events of Solo, but that would only be another contrivance that emphasizes how rushed the movie is.


Too much of Solo involves having the most important parts of Han’s life happen in a matter of hours or days. These include meeting Chewie and Lando, getting his name and piloting the Millennium Falcon for the first time. It all happens so fast that what should be big moments instead feel like boxes being checked off. Such is the case with the introduction of Chewbacca, which is so poorly done that it actually exemplifies the other faults of the failed movie.

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