How Anakin’s Crude Darth Vader Suit Actually Saved Star Wars’ Galaxy

Throughout the entirety of Star Wars, Palpatine manipulated everyone so that he could stay in control, including his own apprentices. Darth Maul was cast aside after his defeat, Count Dooku was used as bait for Anakin, and Darth Vader was placed inside the crude robotic suit. And while the suit did keep him alive, it also hindered Vader’s abilities and potential as a Force-user. But unknown to Palpatine, this decision would result in his demise.

Darth Vader was still undoubtedly powerful, and the suit made him more intimidating than Anakin could ever be. But the suit also limited his power. In a galaxy where hands can be replaced with hyper-realistic prosthetics and entire bodies can be turned into cybernetic powerhouses like General Grievous, Vader’s outfit was far more constricting and prone to failure.


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The suit’s breathing apparatus was not only elaborate but also had the control panel front and center on his chest, making it easier for any opponent to hit. And with the amount of technology surrounding Vader’s body, he could never risk using the Sith Force-lightning ability without damaging himself. Palpatine also made use of this, often immobilizing Vader with his own lightning to keep him under control.

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While it’s easy to focus on the tragic side of Anakin’s fate, the crude suit ended up saving the galaxy from a lot of pain and suffering. Throughout Star Wars, Anakin was said to be the Chosen One and had a far stronger connection to the Force than any Jedi or Sith alive. If he was fully healed after his duel on Mustafar and kept his body, Vader would’ve become the most powerful person in the galaxy, even surpassing Palpatine and likely killing him to take over.

With Darth Vader at the height of his power and the might of an Empire behind him, he would likely have become an unstoppable force. Palpatine was content to sit back on his throne and be happy that he ruled the galaxy, but Vader was far more reckless with a thirst for battle and would’ve pushed the Empire’s destruction to even higher heights. Then to top things off, he might’ve pushed even harder to turn Luke into his apprentice.

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When Luke confronted his father in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Vader knew the Emperor had been controlling and manipulating him. He was done with being Palpatine’s puppet and couldn’t sit back while his only son was murdered in front of his eyes. And so, he decided to take one last heroic action and betray his master. Yet in a world where Vader was more powerful, had slain Palpatine and taken the throne, it’s likely he would never have turned back to the light.

In the end, Vader was both Palatine’s greatest achievement and his greatest failure. Only he could slowly manipulate the Chosen One over 20 years into becoming his loyal and beaten dog. But his control over Vader proved to be a mistake, as by mistreating his apprentice and keeping him held back, Palpatine pushed him further into becoming Anakin once more.

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