Editorial: An early Christmas gift for Aucklanders

EDITORIAL: As the weeks of lockdown grind on for Auckland it feels like the rest of the country is increasingly hardened to and disconnected from the pain that their fellow New Zealanders up north are shouldering on our behalf.

Every story of an “Aucklander” turning up somewhere else with Covid seems to bring out the worst in us; there is anger and finger-pointing over how that person “got out” of Auckland and was allowed to put the rest of the country at risk.

Behind each of those stories are usually genuine reasons for someone needing to pass through the ring of checkpoints keeping Aucklanders in; people changing jobs, moving house, keeping a struggling business alive, or stepping up to child care responsibilities.

Remember when these were all things we used to take for granted? Indeed, things that the rest of us outside Auckland and Waikato still do, by and large?

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