Drake Wishes LeBron James A Happy Birthday With Hilarious Photo

LeBron James turned 37 this year.
December 30th was a big day for LeBron James as he officially turned 37 years old. Despite his age, LeBron is still one of the best players in the NBA and over the last six games, he has managed six-straight 30-point games. While he may not be as great as Michael Jordan, there is no doubt that LeBron is at the very least the second greatest basketball player to ever step on an NBA court.

With LeBron celebrating his birthday, many took to Instagram and Twitter to wish him a very happy birthday. One of those people was none other than Drake who has been friends with LeBron for a very long time. Despite LeBron’s ability to destroy Drake’s beloved Raptors, the rapper figured yesterday was a good time to at least show some love to his good friend.

“More life to one of my best friend’s the [king]” Drake wrote. This was paired with a hilarious image of Drake cheesing and laughing while speaking to LeBron at an event. It just goes to show that these two really are friends off of the court, something that was demonstrated when Drake was on The Shop all the way back in 2018.
Hopefully, LeBron had a wonderful birthday, even despite all the issues with the Lakers right now. After all, sometimes you got separate your job from the rest of your life.

>> Drake Wishes LeBron James A Happy Birthday With Hilarious Photo

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