Chanel backs Spain with 2022 FIFA World Cup anthem ‘TOKE’

Spain’s Eurovision 2022 sensation scores another winning hit as she follows up the global hit, ‘SloMo’ with new single ‘TOKE’ which is set to be the anthem for the Spanish national football team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar next month.

‘TOKE’ hits the back of the net at the 2022 FIFA World Cup
Since Turin, Chanel has taken ‘SloMo’ to the extreme, keeping everyone wanting more more more after achieving third place and Spain’s best result since the 1995 contest in Dublin. Now she delivers with new single, ‘TOKE’ along with a new music video that has already amassed almost 1 million views. The song evokes the sensual RnB and Latin rhythms that define Chanel Blanket, into an anthem to get every football fan up dancing. To stay on brand, the song references Spanish football legend Andres Iniesta.

During the video intro, we are reminded that football is for everyone from all walks of life. A strong message to the controversy surrounding the 2022 World Cup host nation Qatar. Before Chanel delivers an opening ceremony worthy routine choreographed by Kyle Hanagami, the dance expert behind ‘SloMo’. As well as being joined by her five dancers from Turin – Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurin and María Perez. Main composer, Leroy Sanchez confirmed on social media, the concept was produced and recorded April 16, as part of a songwriting session for the upcoming album.


Next Month Spain will be hoping ‘TOKE’ inspires the team to victory for a second time in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Their campaign begins in Group E on November 23 against Costa Rica. Whilst the competition itself takes place from November 20 to December 18 in Qatar.

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