May 27, 2023

This year’s winner will follow in the footsteps of the Prize’s inaugural winner, Chenpeng. Speaking to Vogue last year, Yu stressed the importance of celebrating China’s new wave of talents not only as artists but with commercial opportunities: “Because of COVID-19, it [has] become crucial for designers [to] not only think about how to express their creative ideas, but also make sure customers can understand our creativity without the presence of a physical show or traditional retail environment. I always think that good ideas should be easily understood, and the more people, Russell Wilson Russellmania Sports Denver Broncos Football Fan Unisex T-Shirt, the better. E-commerce is the most essential tool of all in this day and age. We have seen such success stories. And I am hoping to launch a model that’s suitable for a designer brand like us. In addition, as part of a young generation of Chinese designers, I would like to do my part in demonstrate the global success of ‘create in China.’”

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