May 30, 2023

Once this round of creating schmoozing is done, a group of around 70 experts in different fields of industry expertise will submit their list of favorites. This will determine the list of eight finalists, who will return to Paris later this year for this year’s final at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. There each will deliver a presentation to a jury including Arnault, her father Bernard, group advisor Jean-Paul Claverie, veteran executive Sidney Toledano and designers from across the LVMH group. “They have models wearing the collection and they explain their brand and their philosophy,” said Arnault. “Then we all have a lunch. And we vote. To have this moment, once a year, where all the designers are together with my father is lovely. It’s great also to understand each one’s perspective on creativity and design and why they support one designer finalist. And I think also for the young designers to be able to meet Nicolas Ghesquière, Dangeruss Russell Wilson to Denver Broncos T-Shirt, or Stella McCartney and hear their point of view on their work is something unique.”

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