June 4, 2023

Deserved, yes (the band’s devotion to its craft is revealed in their 2018 documentary)—but also seemingly out of left field. An Italian glam punk-rock band? Who would have thunk it? Italy is known for many things—fashion, artistry, food, and fabrics, among them—but youth culture not so much. And at least outside of Italy, it’s not at all known for rock and roll. Måneskin surprises at every turn, defying expectations again and again. Whether it’s your taste or not, David’s bluesy voice cannot be denied, nor can the band’s sheer joy in what they’re doing. In a short time they have manifested their rock-star dreams, transitioning from playing a role to owning it.

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Bullet Train Beetz Poster Canvas, home decor, wall art

Theirs is not a gritty rag-to-riches story, though it follows roughly that of the apocryphal American dream that so many Italians left to pursue in the States. “We’re living a dream, that’s for sure,” conceded frontman David on a Gucci-clad visit to Vogue, “but in a different way. We don’t feel like we’ve been discovered. We dug every inch of this hole we’re in. We worked a lot to get here, so of course we are happy, but on the other side, pardon if I’m a bit cocky, but we feel like it’s well deserved.”

Products Informations:Bullet Train Beetz Poster Canvas

– Printed on 200 GSM paper
– Edge-to-edge print with no borders
– Dimensions available 16×12 inches, 24×16 inches, 36×24 inches
– Printed in the USA
– This item is unframed
– Shipped in tubes
– Unframed canvas: Pictures printed on a flat canvas and not ready to hang. You have to make custom frames yourself and mount them in your own style
– Framed canvas: Each picture is pre-framed to stretch the canvas. You just need to hang it up after receiving the product. The hook is already attached for quick and easy hanging
– Dimensions available 16×12 inches, 24×16 inches, 36×24 inches
– Durable and lightweight
– Sublimation printed
– Fade-resistant UV archival inks, long-lasting lightfast canvas prints
– Protective coating, resist scratching, and spillages
– One-side printing

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