June 2, 2023

The craze for sneakers is still going strong too. According to leading menswear buyers for Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, the designer sneaker market is still as hot and robust as ever—see the new Gucci x Adidas sneakers, which are already on StockX. The new interest in collecting bags is more piggybacking than a complete overtaking. “The men’s bag resale market isn’t so much taking over the sneaker resale market as it is building on it,” says Makar. “There’s been a shift among male sneaker enthusiasts. Instead of sneakers being the dominant spend category, accessories are now competing with sneakers for share of wallet.”

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Wallet-wise, men are realizing that collecting bags is a much smarter long-term purchase, says Gorra. “Bags are becoming more of a unisex collector’s item because they are often recession-proof, like in the case of Chanel bags gaining value due to the label’s price increases,” he says. On Rebag, they’ve seen an uptick in men looking at Birkin bags, “for both fashion and investment.” (According to Baghunter, buying a Birkin is a better investment than gold and has a higher return.) Is that the reason, then, for such a hike in interest around secondhand men’s bags recently? It’s bigger than that—the result of runway trends, celebrities embracing them, and an increasing genderless market overall—but buying a new-to-you bag versus sneakers may just land you a few future coins in your pocket. “Men realize that luxury bags aren’t just for fashion,” says Gorra. “They can also be worthwhile investments that appreciate over time.”

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