June 3, 2023

Sticking to his guiding principles of “systems, harmony and adornment,” Quero did what he normally does and went scavenging. “Beyoncé’s piece was actually constructed of chromed bits I stumbled upon during one of my ritualistic scavenger hunt strolls through LA’s fashion district,” he shares of finding treasure no one else sees in his hometown. “I don’t know much about garment construction using fabrics (I’m still learning!), so I tend to stick to this one block of shops that has a lot of unique trims, rhinestones, charms and beads. The base of it is a half spiked chrome grid that was then lined with strips of rhinestones, and applied to the body in about six to eight different sections. The styling team [Vance Gamble and Marni X Marni] did a magnificent job applying it to Beyoncé.”

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Patience is indeed key when it comes to Nusi Quero’s world. Working completely alone, the sexy-tough commission took him a week and a half to “figure out”. “It wasn’t the sort of idea that I sketched out and then realised,” notes Quero. “I made it by putting it together and discovering it as it happened. I adore making things in this way, although I think it can be frustrating for stylists, who are expecting traditional sketches and processes.”


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