5 iconic Chanel perfumes that will have you smelling like heaven

A rose by any other name, these five scents from Vogue’s pick of Chanel perfumes will be sure to have them spellbound.

In a world of olfactory choices at one’s disposal, nothing quite spells chic like Chanel perfumes. Emblematising the epitome of charm and covetousness, whether you’re looking to gift a loved-one or to treat yourself by taking your fragrance game up a notch, you can never go wrong with Chanel perfumes. Remember ladies, the scent you choose says a lot about you and when you buy into the label’s holy grail collection of beauty products, you’re buying into a lifestyle straight from Blair Waldorf’s vanity.

Today indeed a century later, the French luxury fashion house’s instantly recognisable scents still and all prevail reigning in the fragrance industry. Tickling the fancy of leading light’s ranging from Marilyn Monroe, Margot Robbie, Emma Stone, and Blackpink’s Jennie Kim, a single spritz from the magic potions can make all the difference. Up ahead, we round up Vogue’s pick featuring five of the best Chanel perfumes to help you unlock your signature scent.

Chanel N°5

No fragrance listicle would be complete without a mention of the iconic, timeless, and most sought-out Chanel N°5. Launched in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel Pillow and perfumer Ernest Beaux, the scent set the standard for modern perfumery. Embracing clean, floral notes with a smooth sensual touch of vanilla, the quintessential perfume has in history been much-publicised as the remarkable Marilyn’s Monroe’s signature scent. After the actor’s confession in a magazine interview sharing that she wore the fragrance (and nothing else) to bed every night, Chanel N°5 took the world by storm.

Coco Mademoiselle

A striking scent with an oriental base of jasmine, white lily and wood spices, the second best-selling perfume from the house of Chanel surprises you with a hit of energising orange notes. Created by Jacques Polge in 1984, the aesthetic piece was designed to be reminiscent of none other than a young, daring Coco Chanel. A strong assertive aroma with hints of femininity in its personality, the Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum is perfect for those looking to make heads turn by day and taking on bold bright adventures by night.

1932 Les Exclusifs De Chanel

Inspired by Coco Chanel’s first diamond collection of high jewellery, this number from the glittering range of Chanel Perfumes will have you feeling and smelling like money. Seizing a musky, woody aroma with a sparking shot of citrus and aldehyde, this scent is the go-to to experiencing enhanced sexuality with a floral touch all in one bottle.

Coco Noir

A vamped-up version of 1984’s Coco Eau De Parfum, Coco Noir celebrates the paradox of Chanel’s role to highlight a woman by bringing femininity to light. An intimate and intensely brilliant scent dominated by bergamot, the comforting richness of this fragrance will always leave them hanging for more from the minute you walk through the door, Sparking sensuality with may rose and a remarkable note of the geranium rose leaf, your collection of Chanel Perfumes would be incomplete without this magnetic work of art.


Les Eaux De Chanel Paris – Édimbourg

This under-the-radar item conjures the wild and majestic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands where Gabrielle Chanel once found her solace in nature. With an aromatic, almost earthy smoky peat, Les Eaux Des Chanel Paris provokes a powerful sensation with a burst of juniper berry and cypress. Reigning undisputedly, the comparatively modern perfume also makes for an incredible men’s cologne for you to share with your significant other.

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