June 1, 2023

Popular TCG marketplace TCGPlayer has released their list of the most expensive Pokemon cards for 2021, and the number one on their list is surprising.

The hobby hit its peak in 2020 just after YouTuber Logan Paul started buying products in hopes of pulling the rare, base set Charizard that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With an influencer of Logan’s size getting into the hobby, it sparked a worldwide frenzy as The Pokemon Company continued to release more high-dollar Charizard cards for collectors to find.

As the company released several hot sets throughout 2021, one may believe that the most valuable card for the year would be the fire-breathing monster. However, the popular TCG marketplace, TCGPlayer, has released its yearly round-up, and the result isn’t what you’d think it is.
TCGPlayer most expensive Pokemon card 2021
Pokemon has released dozens of highly sought-after cards from various highly valuable Charizard’s, ‘sleepy’ Tyrantitar, and more. On January 6, TCGPlayer released their list of the top 10 most expensive Pokemon cards from 2021.

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According to their list, the title of number one most expensive Pokemon Card at $191 market value belongs to the alternate-art variation of Umbreon VMAX which showcases the dark type Eeveelution atop of a house “poking” at the moon.
The bottom of the list at just $83 is the alt-art version of Galarian Moltres V from the ‘Chilling Reign’ subset of Sword and Shield. This was the first iteration of the Galar form of the Kanto legendary birds alongside its water and electric variations.
Another surprising point in their list is that the most expensive card with the ever-so-popular Charizard on it isn’t actually its own card. Coming in at number two is ‘Special Delivery Bidoof,’ which was made available via The Pokemon Center in honor of Bidoof Day on July 1.

While the most expensive card may surprise you, Charizard is likely to maintain its popularity throughout TCG sets in the future.
YouTuber Logan Paul was left speechless after discovering that his 1st Edition Pokemon Trading Card Game Box that he paid $3.5 million for is not actually one of a kind.

After purchasing a 1st Edition Base Set box for $3.5 million dollars, Logan Paul announced that he would be flying to Chicago to get it authenticated after the Pokemon TCG community raised concerns over its legitimacy.

The YouTuber was floored when he discovered that the rare collector’s item wasn’t actually “one of a kind” like it was sold to him. The 26-year-old was stunned when a collector revealed he had the same collectible.
Logan Paul shocked after learning his $3.5m Pokemon cards are not unique
During a January 5 livestream, Logan Paul joined a call with renowned Pokemon card collectors the Poke Jew and Gary ‘King Pokemon‘ Haase to discuss his controversial 1st Edition Base Set box. In the conversation, Haased asked Paul, “Logan, why didn’t you ever come to me about this? Why didn’t you mention the case to me? I might have been able to help.”

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The YouTuber revealed that he didn’t give it a second thought as the collectible had been authenticated by BBCE. “I didn’t even consider for a second that it might not have been real,” he said. The influencer was shocked when Gary ‘Pokemon King’ told him that he had the same exact sealed 1st Edition collectible as he had believed that his box was “one of a kind.”

“Wait, wait, wait. I didn’t know that! Six of your 1st Edition boxes are also in a case?” Paul exclaimed. Stunned, he then sat in silence before saying “Gary, Gary. Bro, what? I didn’t know this.” The YouTuber eventually replied, “Now that you are mentioning it, yeah, I should have been like ‘Gary, by the way. what do you think about this?’ I’m so caught up in other stuff right now. I just didn’t even know.”

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The YouTuber originally bought the sealed 1st Edition Pokemon card box in December 2021. In a video of the sale posted on Twitter, the influencer was told at the time that the collectible is the “only one” known to exist in the world.

The authenticity of the box was first raised at the start of 2022 when several TCG collectors had pointed out the branding on his item might be suspicious. Responding, Logan Paul tweeted, “I’m flying to Chicago this weekend to verify the case with BBCE, the company who insured its authenticity.”
While the YouTuber will confirm whether the box is fake or real, he believed that the special collectible was the only one known to exist. It’s not clear whether he would have dropped $3.5 million on it if he had known other collectors owned multiple copies of the same item. Based on his podcast appearance, the influencer appeared to be pretty stunned by the information.

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