June 8, 2023

Hot weather is here, and so are the sparkling fragrances of the warmest season. Whether they’re crisp and citrusy or moody and woody, each of these are designed for a seasonal refresh.

Refreshing and scented with earthy green notes or zingy citrus, some also embrace a year-round woodiness. Ahead, we pick the best summer scents of the season.

Best new summer scents of the season:

1 /10. Byredo De Los Santos

Traditional summer scents are turned on their head with De Los Santos. Bright yet earthy, it honours loss instead of life – Dia De Los Muertos, or the Mexican Day of the Dead, serves as one of its key inspirations. The perfume serves as a ritual of remembrance, with its fresh green notes and zesty mirabelle countering the solemn notes of incense.

2 /10. Chanel Paris-Paris

The maison adds Paris-Paris to its Les Eaux de Chanel collection. A reimagination of Gabrielle Chanel Bathroom Set Paris, the scent transports you to idealised scenes of the city with multi-faceted Damascena rose, sparkling citrus notes and spicy peppercorn. The fragrance’s rose-coloured hue is reminiscent of Parisian stone facades glittering in the morning sun.

3 /10. Acqua Di Parma x Forte Forte

For the first time, the two storied Italian houses have come together for an olfactive love story. Mirto di Panarea is a joyful celebration of rebirth and freedom. Warm myrtle is fused with basil, lemon and Calabrian bergamot, with sea breeze accents and fresh juniper notes to evoke the scent of a Mediterranean summer. The flacon’s kaleidoscopic print of butterflies and fragrance mirrors the uplifting fragrance.

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4 /10. Killian Paris Sacred Wood

Enter the forbidden forest of Sacred Wood with perfumery’s most coveted ingredient: sandalwood from Mysore, India. The scent is designed around the mysterious raw material, enveloping it in earth, spice and incense. Ambrette Seed Absolute and Carrot Seed Oil are the opening notes, while Myrrh and Copahu Balsam Oil lend a balmy accent. Milky malt vapour finishes off the fragrance with a wisp of incense.

5 /10. Hermès Terre d’Hermes Eau de toilette

Cool down from the summer heat with the icy freshness of the new Hermès fragrance. Citron melds with fresh juniper berry and striking Timut pepper, and contrasts with woody mineral notes. Sleek and limpid, the flacon resembles sharply cut ice, and is made from frosted glass and brushed aluminium to embody frost blanketing the earth.

6 /10. Christian Louboutin Loubimar Eau De Parfum Légère

Christian Louboutin Beauty’s new Loubimar Eau de Parfum Légère is inspired by the designer’s Portuguese summer garden. The scent contains a bouquet of white flowers, crowned by joyful lemon and tangerine and oceanic notes, as embodied by the flacon’s topper of a sea urchin.

7 /10. Paco Rabanne Phantom Legion

The new Phantom Legion is the first fragrance of its kind. Created for gamers as part of a partnership with Twitch, this new collector’s edition houses the original Phantom eau de toilette. It features energising green notes, refreshing lemon, creamy lavender and a woody-vanilla blend. All notes are sourced from ethically harvested materials.

8 /10. Penhaligon’s Luna Hair Perfume

Scent your locks with a Penhaligon’s signature scent. Best-selling Luna is now available as a hair perfume. Infused with sparkling bergamot, orange, jasmine and rose, the fragrance includes argan oil and Vitamin E so your hair and feel as good as it smells.

9 /10. Serge Lutens L’eau

Bath time — that’s the inspiration for the new Serge Lutens L’eau line. The new collection looks to the luxury of cleanliness, such as the smell of freshly pressed sheets. Clean and clear, it plays on the white blossom of fresh mint notes and the scent of mountain air.

10 /10. Amouage The Library collection

The library is Amouage’s muse in its latest collection. This inspiration is borne from the library’s timeless allure and boundless knowledge.

The Library Collection celebrates integrity, creativity and virtuosity through four scents of the Opus V and Opus III, and the Rose Incense and Silver Oud which have been renamed to XII and Opus XIII. They are each housed in the signature Amouage Khanjar bottle in truffle and ceramic colours in an organic ceramic finish.

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